Multiple WordPress Photo Albums (Gallery) On Same Post

This post is an explanation of the reasoning behind the layout of my blog, and in particular, the post of Grand Canyon photographs.

Last week I had a discussion with one of my friends concerning my blog. I was curious about his initial experiences and his thoughts concerning the layout and content. The feedback that I got was humorous and valuable, especially considering he is a pretty good representation of the general web-surfer that may not yet be used to things like blogs and RSS feeds.

It turns out that he didn’t realize that each post on the “home” page was only an excerpt. He thought that I only had four photographs on each post and hearing his explanation, I can’t say I blame him. I’ve been running a LightBox plugin that allows the viewers to flip through all the pictures that are displayed on the loaded page. Since the “home” page displays multiple excerpts of my most recent posts, the LightBox plugin would navigate through each one, mixing posts together. This isn’t a shortcoming of the LightBox plugin that I’m using, more just an undesirable characteristic based on how I was posting my photographs.
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