Road Trip 2009: Las Vegas

Back in Winter of 2009 I went on a road trip across the country, from Boston to Seattle. My friend Erik Macchi accompanied me, and in 6 days we pushed 4500 miles through several regions of the United States. The road trip served two purposes, as a fun endurance vacation across the country and also part of the process of relocation. As such, there was about 800 pounds of luggage in my poor Mazda RX8.

Obviously the fastest and most direct route would be to just hop onto Interstate 90 westbound and ride cruise control until our eyes glazed over. That’s a pretty dull trip and I’ve already done that before. Sure, there’s lots to see and nice places to stop at, but as far as driving is concerned it’s not so great. The real reason though for not taking I-90 was because it was winter time, we were traveling in a little sports car with bald tires, and the last thing I wanted to do was be stuck in a winter storm.

Las Vegas Photographs:

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